Saturday, 20 August 2011

Why Foresightpaint?

I did a bit of commission work up until recently and worked under the name of foresightpaint. Why that name? No good reason other than I liked the word foresight (military and proactive connotations) but there were no web addresses left with it unless I added 'paint'. I set up all the relevant accounts - eBay, Paypal, TMP etc using it and so am more or less stuck with it as I cannot be bothered to go through all the palaver involved in changing it.

Dull but simple eh?


  1. Why´s as good as any others..look at mine..I´ve named it after a cartoon character (and what my sergeant used to call us )
    Get it onto networked blogs on updates etc with no extra work..more fun for your pound :-D

  2. Paul

    Thanks. Your talk of 'network blogs' and 'auto updates' has me reaching for a dictionary of the 21st century........