Sunday, 28 August 2011

eBay, Paypal and strange domestic habits

It has been a bit of an eBay and Paypal morning so I am obviously in a bad mood. It's ever so easy when they want to take money off you but when you need a bit of service in exchange for your cash it all becomes a bit difficult. Autoreply e mails are up there with call centres when it comes to unhelpful.

Anyway having endured the misery I had a short float around the 'for sale' bit. I was somewhat surprised to see one seller advertising their figures coming from a 'smoke free house'. I'd seen pet free houses put on a black list before and this should not have come as a shock but it did. Are there really people out there who are so discriminating that they can detect these aromas coming off model soldiers? I suppose there must be. If so, what else do they object to? I think back to my house and all the potentially harmful influences that might be lurking. I do like a bowl of peanuts every now and then but am now concerned that I should be mentioning it on my eBay ads. After all allergies such as this need to be taken seriously. Perhaps I should stop eating them?

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  1. I don't know about figures and smoke . . . but books and smoke are a really bad mix, even when aired out for months they still reek.

    But miniatures? That does strike me as a bit extreme.

    -- Jeff