Thursday, 22 September 2016


My third Culloden Battalion finished. This time its the 4th of Foot. Barrell's Regiment who stood on the left of the Government line. On next to more tartan and the 21st but I will be ordering some of the new Crann Tara figures first. The mounted Jacobite command figures look terrific


I'm reading Peter Hart's "The Great War' at the moment. Spoiler alert - the German's lose. Very good especially on the French in 1914. They took terrible casualties as like everybody else they learned what combined arms in the modern world required. It was a doctrinal equivalent of the race to the sea as everyone sought to outflank each other in operational and tactical development. And in the end, guess what, it was the attrition wot won it.

I wont claim this figure to be an homage to all that. I simply had a few of these Renegade figures lying around and felt like painting something different. He'd look even better with a bayonet.

Saturday, 10 September 2016


Doing a bit of clearing out and I came across this. It's a photo I took early one morning of my Fox CVR(W) on Sennelager ranges in 1985.

As a light role Battalion we had 8 of these. The 30mm Rarden would have gone through a BMP but would have probably bounced off anything heavier. Despite this I lost count of the number of times I was asked (told) to launch a counter attack against armoured opposition.The fact that the vehicle had sucha high centre of gravity also meant it was prone to toppling over....

Still, it's quite a nice picture

Thursday, 25 August 2016


In the enduring debate on ECW sizes these figures always seem to get forgotten. As Bicorne and Renegade slug it out against Perry and Warlord the slender range of 2 mounted Generals from Trent sit quietly in the wings. Apparently 'Newark Characters' they share catalogue space with Stapleton Cotton, King John, Bromhead and Lady Godiva. It's a strange mix but these are great figures that fit effortlessly into the B and R camp. I've no idea who the sculptor is but they should do more.

Saturday, 13 August 2016


It has been a while since a French Battalion marched into view so here are the latest bunch of scruffs. I had a set of Fanion bearers sitting around waiting for the usual Eagle Bearers to hog the limelight so I thought I'd give one of them a chance. Apparently red was the preferred colour of the 3rd Battalion but I have to admit it looks a little strange to me. I've left it unglued so the option of an Eagle remains

They are available if anyone is interested - 24 figures all Perry, 16 plastic, 8 metal £112 plus postage at £10. There is a proper blue and white Battalion coming along in about 2-3 weeks with not a greatcoat in sight. Let me know if you want early photos.

Saturday, 25 June 2016


Something other than a red coat or a tartan one. This hopefully represents one of the 10 three pounder guns manned by the Royal Artillery at Culloden. The crew is actually a set of Hanoverian gunners from Minden Miniatures but with a few minor alterations. I think they look the part.

Friday, 17 June 2016


I originally bought these to try and bring some variety to the infantry Battalions. I had'nt realised they were all dismounted cavalry and to see them waddling around the battlefield in very large boots would have been rather demeaning. So I went for the vignette option given that they were taken from an illustration in the now iconic Haythornthwaite 'ECW' book.

They are supposed to be Parliamentary officers and come from the unbeatable Bicorne ECW range.