Friday, 27 December 2013


I'll never understand the market. I put a number of figures on ebay recently all of which have sold. Apart from this one:

To my mind he was far and away the best of those on offer. He didn't cost any more than the rest and was not the only winterised German. He's now on his third ebay rotation and steadfastly refuses to attract a bid or two.

I am genuinely curious as to why this might be the case. I guess I might be biased but why might he be such a wallflower?

Thursday, 26 December 2013


I'm doing a lot of commission work at the moment (thanks again to those who choose to use me) but I try to make time each day to do my own stuff. It means that I dont get bored with the commercial piece but also allows me to experiment with different techniques and eras. The French Napoleonics come into this category - the downside however is that units take ages to complete.

There was a time when I seemed to do nothing but Flames of War. I remember watching in absolute disbelief as a Platoon of Panzer Grenadiers on eBay went from £20 to £120 in a matter of seconds. The bubble has long burst (I think) but it meant that I had a few bits and pieces lying around. I quite liked the German Platoon in greatcoats and thought that they might make a nice change so I painted up a group of them. The first 15mm figures I've done in ages.

One base full looks a little lonely but I was surprised at how quickly they came together. It must be the simple colour shceme. No doubt camouflage would take a lot longer. Anyway I'll aim to do the full Platoon and will post them up when finished.

Monday, 23 December 2013


The firing line is now taking shape. Voltigeur company is now complete and first rifle company is on its way. Nearly halfway!

And here they are alongside their Carabinier cousins

Friday, 13 December 2013


I wish I could say that the Battalion is nearly finished. But it isn't. However these people are ready.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Some German infantry in seasonal wear. Figures from the fantastic Artizan range. The white coat is done as follows:

1. Vallejo light grey base coat with a GW sepia wash
2. Iraqi sand base
3. Ivory first highlight
4. Off white 2nd highlight

The helmets are the more straightforward light grey/sky grey/off white tirad

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Mont St Jean

I am sure most people will be aware of this site. However if you are not and are interested in the Waterloo campaign then do yourself a massive favour and bookmark it immediately. Its all you'll ever need for uniforms, personailities,orbats etc etc. Highly recommended.

Knight knight

Just a quick update as I've been away for a while. I did these 2 before I went away. They are meant to be senior figures for WOTR but I have no idea who they represent. Anyway fun to paint and currently on eBay.