Sunday, 21 August 2011

It makes me so angry.........

After the positive stuff I thought that a few grumbles and groans regarding military modelling might be in order. If any of these come as a surprise then tell me but I bet they don't......

1. The paypal/eBay double whammy - was that your profit, sir? Well, thank you. Kerching.

2. Catering at Wargames Shows - you expect me to eat that? Do you really hate me that much?

3. GW Gamestore staff - I'm 52 years old and I'm not your 'mate' now or ever. I'm only here for a pot of paint so let me have it and I'll be on my way. And stop yelling at me.

4. Wargames Foundry - foot, shoot, in.

5. Bring and buy customers - ouch, that hurt

6. The old Wargames Illustrated - and now Part 5 of Austrian Armed River Steamers 1910-1914

7. The new Wargames Illustrated - Vietnam, surely it will catch on soon

8. Matt varnish - which never is

9. Carlist Wars - ha ha. A whole range? You're kidding me right? When were they?

10 Grumpy old men - Eh? Oh. Ah....


  1. LOL!! I've gotta agree with all of them I'm afraid. The best has gotta be N0 3, like you said, I only went in for one of your mega expensive bottles of paint, that I'll probably have to paint twice anyway because the colour is crap and NO I don't want any bloody spaz marine thingy's, pi$$ off!!

  2. Oh yeh and No10 as well, as the kids call me a miserable old git! and I'm only 43!! But they're bloody right though.

  3. I don't go into GW shops any more , sick of the inane questioning..I only wish to talk to spotties if
    1 I am getting paid for i
    t2 they are related to me..

  4. Matte varnish is never flatte have to look hard for that.. my choice is Gunze H20 Flat Clear, thinned with a bit of window cleaner , through an airbrush..