Friday, 26 August 2011

Shades of Blue

I always enjoy a good 'discussion' between wargamers/modellers on the issue of what is the right colour shade of uniform colour. The latest one, which is keeping me thoroughly entertained, is on a well known painting site and concerns what ACW infantry might or might not have worn. What I particularly like about this particular debate is that it did not start out as a discussion on colour. A proud presenter put up a picture of some very well painted figures and there then followed the usual raft of applause from impressed viewers. So far, so good until one commentator said (and I paraphrase) 'Yes, they are very good, but they are the wrong colour'.

If its possible for the temperature to drop on a modelling Forum then that's what happened. 'What do you mean?" came the somewhat icy response. 'They are the wrong shade of blue' said the commentator and there then ensued a general free for all in which ever more obscure references were quoted and flung around. At no stage did it descend into a brawl - the tone throughout was punctiliously correct and everyone was at pains to keep the language at the level of an earnest academic debate. But its the subtext that counts...

At what point does a point of detail become an irrellevance? Well, I suppose we would all probably raise an eyebrow if someone depicted the Foot Guards at Waterloo in blue coats rather than red. A grey waterbottle instead of a blue one might be pushing it. But the wrong shade of blue? It's taking it a little too far in my view but then modellers can be a tough crowd and it takes all sorts. I'm just grateful if I can get a dark blue triad that actually works - the standard VMC dark prussian blue and prussian blue combo never seems to cut it.

In the meantime, enjoy the debate if you find it. I wont post a link or be any more specific. In many ways its a discussion that has taken place before and will no doubt happen again. No comment from me other than that the figures are very well painted.


  1. I had the same problems with blue so I bought the Andrea Blue set and it is spectacular, although a bit of an investment! Their red set is equally as good.

  2. I'll check them out - not sure that I have the patience to do more than three layers.