Monday, 26 September 2016


Anyone expecting photos of a 1;10 flying replica of something going at warp speed is going to be disappointed. Sorry. This is more to do with the enterprise (or lack of) that pops up on Dragons Den as largely hopeless business men and women pitch ideas to potential investors. It's entertaining but scary to think that the UK economy is reliant on such deadbeats.

I'm waiting for the first wargames related business to crop up because I'll be texting the programme with the following questions as soon as the entreprenuer steps out of the lift:

1. Will your website have a redundant telephone contact number?
2.Will you accept orders and then fail to follow up with the client with some form of feedback?
3. Naturally you will be ignoring emails?
4. Your failure to think ahead will be deemed sufficient acceptable reason for a lack of response?

Now I could drone on like a caller to Jeremy Vine but will keep it short. I'm prepared to accept that with a few exceptions we rely on the enthusiasm of what is a cottage industry. It's a risky business but regrettably the moment money changes hands the old 'cat developed leukaemia' gambit doesnt cut it anymore. If I'm kept up to date I'll tolerate delays of a reasonable magnitude but your domestic crisis is really not my problem - would you accept an order that I said I could not fund because I'm going on holiday and needed the cash for something else? Doubt it.

Sounding a bit TMP so I'll stop. 

Thursday, 22 September 2016


My third Culloden Battalion finished. This time its the 4th of Foot. Barrell's Regiment who stood on the left of the Government line. On next to more tartan and the 21st but I will be ordering some of the new Crann Tara figures first. The mounted Jacobite command figures look terrific


I'm reading Peter Hart's "The Great War' at the moment. Spoiler alert - the German's lose. Very good especially on the French in 1914. They took terrible casualties as like everybody else they learned what combined arms in the modern world required. It was a doctrinal equivalent of the race to the sea as everyone sought to outflank each other in operational and tactical development. And in the end, guess what, it was the attrition wot won it.

I wont claim this figure to be an homage to all that. I simply had a few of these Renegade figures lying around and felt like painting something different. He'd look even better with a bayonet.

Saturday, 10 September 2016


Doing a bit of clearing out and I came across this. It's a photo I took early one morning of my Fox CVR(W) on Sennelager ranges in 1985.

As a light role Battalion we had 8 of these. The 30mm Rarden would have gone through a BMP but would have probably bounced off anything heavier. Despite this I lost count of the number of times I was asked (told) to launch a counter attack against armoured opposition.The fact that the vehicle had sucha high centre of gravity also meant it was prone to toppling over....

Still, it's quite a nice picture