Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Ordinarily my French Battalions look as if they were equipped at a succession of charity shops and jumble sales. I thought it was about time that I produced a unit where the QM was halfway competent and able to turn out a unit that was largely uniform. As a further variation I thought that a 2nd Battalion fanion rather than a 1st Battalion eagle might also add to the change. 8 metal and 16 plastic Perry figures they are for sale - pm me if you are interested.

Thursday, 10 December 2015


Thought I should follow up today's whinge (see below) with a bit of something constructive. So here are 2 views of my recently acquired EWM tommies . Germans to follow.

You have a choice! 'Over the top' or 'closing on the objective'


I've grumbled about ebay before. Let's face it, who hasn't? This time though it is more to do with customers. I like to see what I am getting when I browse the items for sale so the increasingly common habit of selling unpainted figures with a picture of a painted figure irks me.

Because not only is the painted figure a misrepresentation but it tends to be a perfectly painted misrepresentation. And hiding the word unpainted somewhere deep in the advert seems a little disingenuous. The chances of the average shopper delivering such an acrylic masterpiece is less than likely.

Ah yes, some will cry but manufacturers do this on their own websites dont they? Yes they do but there you dont have to guess as to what you are getting. On an auction site there should also be no room for doubt.

Meanwhile here are my latest contribution to the auction behemoth. All painted by me.....