Friday, 28 August 2015


This lot are the first stand of the Orange Auxiliaries for my ECW collection. The more observant will note that apart from the very odd piece there is nothing orange about them. When I put up some recent pictures of my Blue Auxiliaries dressed in a variety of blue uniforms I received some very helpful feedback starting 'Very nice, but....'. In short a number of visitors said that the only thing blue or red or orange about these Regiments was their standards. The soldiers simply turned up in what they could find in the wardrobe so hence I decided to do this Regiment in a collection of drab colours. It also took away the vivid option of orange which frankly would be a little too much. I mean, Brookes Regiment in purple is bad enough.

So I get the historical accuracy thing but would a Regiment with a colour in its title really not have at least a handful of men turning up in that same colour? Imagine saying to your Mum 'I'm in the orange regiment' and trying to stop her going down the plague ridden shops the very next day trying to find at least something orange to wear. I'm willing to bet a good proportion of men had a token marker.

Equally dreary Pikemen coming next.