Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Of foote and shotte....

Here's a photo that has nothing to do with the text that follows. They are some old Foundry Spartans which I was rather pleased with. But I digress.

Well its more of a mini-rant and probably thoroughly irrational but well, it provokes me. So why is it that people use the words 'foote' and 'shotte' when talking about ECW units? Why? Does it lend greater authenticity to a tabletop unit? If so, why not write everything in contemporary text? Because it renders it impossible to read that's why. So why these particular words? It's a bit like the way WI illustrated used to use 'd*****d' in every single article on the ACW. I know that's how they used to write but the 19th Century was, well, two centuries ago. Are we expected to provide some greater historical context for our little men? Leave it alone and dont shotte yourself in the foote.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

More Guard Grenadiers

Its surprising how many units you can get out of the Victrix box sets. I ordered 2 boxes of Guard Grenadiers and so far have completed 3 x 24 man Battalions with another one potentially in the pipeline. I've shown a march attack variant before so thought I would put up a firing line version. I'm guessing that the Chasseurs of the Guard box set is pretty similar but with different headress - if anyone could offer any guidance then I would be greatful. Presumably with the addition of shakos the basic figures could also double up as line infantry?

Friday, 1 June 2012

Its About Time.....

....for an update. I haven't been totally idle since I last posted I just haven't been reporting it. I spent a bit of time doing some plastic figures including Perry Prussians and Wars of the Roses and Victrix Guard Grenadiers. I particularly enjoyed the WOTR figures but these now seem so last year as the experts on the Steve Dean forum have switched fire to the new cavalry set. If you haven't looked at what these guys are doing then get over there now and check them out. Some of the metal effects are just astonishing. As a slight digression one contributor reported that he spent 40 hours on a single Napoleonic cavalryman. I mean, it was good but 40 hours? Madness.

I also had a go at some of the new medieval knights (is there another type of knight?) from Claymore castings. Great figures and it was good to get back to some metal. The results were OK but don't do the figures justice. I'll try again when I get home. Two particular points - first I ordered some Flag of War standards to go with them. Now I'm usually a GMB disciple but these were very good. I shall return. Second my order with Claymore was not complete when I received the package. It was missing a packet and so I e mailed them straight away. Now its hard not to sound snotty when reporting this sort of thing so I hope it wasn't too abrupt. Anyway immediate response from Claymore plus a couple of freebie figures. It was great customer service and thanks to the Claymore team. I shall return to them as well.

Otherwise I've been carrying on with my ECW collection. I've been working on Brookes Regiment. These are the ones who wore purple so I decided that less is more. I don't have photos yet because I'm only about 2/3 through but only a few figures have purple on them. I thought that a hint of it was more than sufficient especially when you add the standards. So I was feeling quite pleased myself until 'Olddorg' (you'll find him on the Steve Dean forum) pitched up with his version of the same regiment with every figure in purple and looking fantastic. I'm pretty sure most people reading this will be familiar with his work but he has also done some great late 17th Century stuff. Can't remember his blog link - something like metal mountain - but if you haven't seen it then take a look. Some great tutorials as well and it's interesting to see a welcome return to the oil wipe technique for horses.

I'm greatly tempted by the new Great War Miniatures Crimean War range but they'll have to wait.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Imperial Guard

Its been a while but I've finally finished something. The Victrix Old Guard unit is finally done and I dont want to see a blue greatcoat for a long time. In line with my normal practice I cannot think what to do with them so they are currently on eBay at:

Photos below. I'm now doing some Normans as light relief.