Sunday, 15 September 2013


I was browsing the Vallejo catalogue last night because I need a resupply. It suddenly struck me how many flesh variants there are. Until recently I used GW's triad which gave a nice, pinkish finish but recently switched to the Panzer Aces set of shadows flesh, flesh base and flesh highlight. It's OK I suppose but in retrospect I only bought it because it's something different.

I've tried the VMC combination of cavalry red, beige red and basic flesh which is alos pretty good but what about all the rest of the colours on display? Light flesh, dark flesh, sunny skintone, medium flesh, flat flesh, basic skintone and there's even a flesh set of half a dozen colours. But apart from the latter set none of these colours seem to hang together. For a start most of them seem too yellow but for example, does anyone use the dark flesh as a base? I would be interested to hear if readers have any suggestions on how these might fit together as triads.

It may be a Vallejo thing. I still don't see how their dark red can be lighter than a red.


  1. I've started painting in 28mm, and I use mainly the panzer ace triad for the flesh:

    either: dark/ dark+basic/ basic/basic+highlight

    or : dark+basic/basic/basic+highlight

    I like the results

  2. I use a vallejo combination for flesh it and a step by step can be found here

  3. Not perhaps what you want, Philip, but I abandoned using VMC flesh tones when I discovered the Foundry Expert Flesh set. I still use the VMC tones for non-european skin tones but I would heartily recommend taking the plunge and forking out on on the Foundry.

  4. Ah, the F word. Do I need to be an expert?

  5. I use Vallejo beige red as the first coat, then highlight with basic flesh and light flesh usually. I like the effect, but YMMV.