Wednesday, 11 September 2013


My heart normally sinks when I paint drummers - so many additional bits and pieces and all that lace. So when it comes to French drummers for 1815 then it gets worse. But way beyond this is the Swiss drummer I have just done.

Not only do you have the green, yellow and red on the coat but the facing colour is a rather fetching sky blue. I could also have got some orange of purple in there if I had chosen to put him in a different company. Its a slightly blurry photo but I hope to have him properly based shortly.

Presumably this poor chap was something of a bullet magnet when marching into action so he can have a stand of his own as all his pals edge further away. Is there another uniform with so many different colours?


  1. your heart may sink but you brush is singing. Stunning work
    Peace James

  2. My comment disappeared, This is nice work I have some Swiss on my side bench awaiting paint at the moment, can you give me the source you used for the Swiss having the Imperial livery please