Thursday, 14 March 2013

On the table

I'm working on some Perry WotR plastics at the moment. A small unit of archers which should find themselves onto eBay in the next 2-3 days. Work in progress shot below:

I did however have one of those painting calamity moments which I report as agrim warning to you all. Anyone who works with Vallejo paints will know that they frequently suffer from a blocked nozzle as the small hole seals from dried paint. Usually either a needle or sharp pointed instrument is sufficient to clear this but as often as not a bit of judicious squeezing allows the obstruction to be pushed through. No doubt there as those who say that if I had shaken the paint properly in the first place what comes next would never have happened. To them I offer a weary and resigned acknowledgement.

Anyway I was squeezing out some flesh colour onto my pallette and it was blocked. I added a little more pressure and nothing was moving. I should have reached for the needle but no, I simply squeezed harder. And harder. And harder.....until finally the inevitable happened. There is no good target area when an uncontrolled splatter of flesh coloured grapeshot comes your way but in this case a handfull of nearly completed figures took the brunt of it. There was little I could do and the stuff found its way everywhere. So be warned.

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