Thursday, 7 March 2013

Is Anyone There?

I haven't been on the blog since the middle of last year. Apologies but I have been busy at work. I'd rather thought that I would come back and have to start all over again but no. Astonishingly I have had a constant stream of hits - not a huge number it must be said but enough to make me wonder who these visitors are. I'm guessing that some of these must be automatic searches but what do I know. If you have been a loyal visitor then many thanks. Please write and tell me who you are.

I haven't had the chance to paint much. Just a few bits and pieces but I did finally finish Brookes ECW regiment (the ones in purple). An unposed photo below - I'll aim for something more artistic shortly


You'll see lurking in the background the latest Regiment. In this case I am using them to represent the Blue Regiment (or Blew if you prefer) of the Trained Bands. I gather that just because a regiment had the name of a colour it does not mean that they wore that colour uniform. Maybe, but I'm not going to quibble. I put in a fair sprinkling of brown and grey in every unit. On a side note note I was glad to see that Bicorne have put out some new command packs. I've yet to see them but will give it a go despite their substantial price.

Talking of which I so wanted the new Empress miniatures Pike and Shot figures to be good. They aren't bad but stylistically they are a world away (unless you tell me otherwise) from the Renegade and Bicorne troopers. Its a shame and at their price I am unlikely to take a chance.

I finished off my Claymore castings. Great figures from a great company.

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  1. No need to apologise for real life (work etc) getting in the way of the hobby, I´ve been very busy the last couple of months and getting around the blogs has taken a bit of a back seat, so I can understand.
    The ECW´s look very good.