Sunday, 24 March 2013

Older and Bolder

This is one from a while back of some plastic Perry Prussians. In the flesh they looked pretty good (in my view) and I was happy with them. However I was recently struck by how 'stripey' they look. The sleeves, trousers and blanket rolls are all in the now classic three layer style and it shows. It got me thinking as I was doing soem figures the other day about how relatively unskillful the whole process is. As long as you can get the paint in roughly the right area it does not appear to require any particular artistic ability. I suppose we should all be glad of this as it means we get a good looking figure for relatively little effort. I watched a You Tube video on how to do blending properly and could not even contemplate going to that level of patience and time commitment even for a very special figure.

Someone on the Steve Dean website recently made the point that there is such a thing as 'too close'  when it comes to photographing 28mm figures and they are right. Three layers is I guess a trompe l'oiel effect and does not bear really close scrutiny. Well, it doesn't in my case. So, if you have any thoughts on making figures look better without going all the way up to blending then I would be interested to hear them.

A Russian recce platoon from Flames of War. I just like the photo!

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