Sunday, 20 July 2014

Crann Tara

Not a great picture but I've just discovered the Crann Tara range of Jacobite Rebellion figures. This man is the test run and its the first time I've done tartan in ages. Notwithstanding the painting these are a great range of figures and are without doubt the best clansmen I have come across. I'm aiming to do a few samples to build an 8 man stand. It will take me 100 years.


  1. Philip,
    Nice paint job looking forward to seeing more! It gets easier.
    Glad you like the figures.
    Irish Piquets due out in August
    Graham (Crann Tara Miniatures)

  2. Thanks Graham. They are very good figures. Are there any more highland figures planned? Casualties?

  3. Hi,
    Cavalry, artillery, early highlanders all in the pipeline. Casualties most probably.