Saturday, 28 June 2014


BBC Radio 5 (a lightweight current affairs and sports channel ) were doing their bit from Camp Bastion this morning. It was the usual round of interviews but they did go to meet the RAF Regiment who guard the perimeter. No-one had the bad manners to talk about the loss of the USMC Harriers back in September 2012 but they did have a hilarious briefing from one of the sentry towers.

The breathless reporter asked the sentry what he could see. Instead of saying 'bugger all' the alert airman said 'My left of arc is tower 7 and right my right of arc is tower 9. To my front is a man made berm to stop vehicles'. Whilst all very true and correct it was not exactly great radio.

The reporter then asked if anything ever came across the berm. 'Sometimes you see the odd camel' came the reply.

'So what do you do if you see a camel?

'Nothing.. You can't really escalate on a camel'

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