Friday, 18 October 2013


My son has a box of Warlord German infantry which I hadn't really looked at until recently. I'd seen a number of critical comments on the 'cartoon' style of these figures so I thought I should check them out for myself. Et voila, a late war stormtrooper:

He's not finished yet. I still have the base to do and you can see that the varnish is still wet but hopefully you get the idea. He's a bit 'Normandy' in appearance but I could not tell you whether the assault rifle is an anachronism or not. If so, apologies to the purists.

Regardless of the paint finish, what a great figure. Assembly can be fiddly but that's what modelling is all about eh? After numerous slender, Perry waifs the chunky style was very welcome and the detail in every part of the figure was tremendous. As for cartoony, well, I know what people mean but frankly I would say this. Apart from the elite painter surely for most of us the three layer finish is designed to create a unit that bears reasonably close scrutiny whether in the display cabinet or on the tabletop. If you start to single out solitary figures then the cracks will start to appear. Three layers is in itself a cartoon style and if the figure provides a supporting template then so much the better.

So hats off to Warlord for creating a well defined and hefty figure. The rest of the box looks pretty good too but the thought of all that splinter camouflage leaves me a little nervous.

If I won the lottery then my figure of choice would be Elite miniatures. They can be pretty rough and ready in places but the final effect is fantastic. They look like they mean business.


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