Saturday, 19 October 2013


I'm gradually accumulating a range of spare figures and parts from all the new plastic figures out there. Some useful, some less so but you never know. The Perry French line box has half a dozen skirmishers which it seems a shame not to make the most of. However the fact that there are only 2 basic torso/leg variants mean that making a full unit of these figures is a little challenging no matter how many ways you attach the head and arms.

Nevertheless I thought that I see what I could come up with. This first chap is a Light infantry Carabinier with one arm from each of Perry and the Victrix Guard Grens sets. I am sure there are issues over cuffs and such like but frankly I'm not that fussed. I'm working on some others and would be interested to hear if anyone has any links or ideas over conversions of the torso model I referred to above. I've got my GW greenstuff and liquid greenstuff stood by so all thoughts welcome.



  1. Nice work, and something I will be trying out when I start doing all my plastics

  2. Oh! This is a very fine work - nice painting and good convertions!!! thumbs up!!!