Saturday, 8 June 2013

More French

Am I being unfair to the French logistic system of 1815? This Battalion has a wide variety of greatcoat colours but I think it looks quite good as a result. It was interesting doing Perry metals and plastics alongside each other - would it be heresy to say that I prefer the latter? The metals, and I know it has been said before, require a lot of cleaning up and the figures have some very spiky detail. Anyway check them out on eBay at:



  1. Excellent looking unit. I like the mix of greatcoats as gives them a sort of campaign look

  2. Really nice. I have several boxes of these guys to paint myself - thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Words to send a cold shudder through every painter's heart - 'i have several boxes of French Napoleonics to paint'. Good luck!

  4. Looking real nice!

    May i ask which colours you used for the greatcoat of the chap with the light blue coat in the rear file (right one on the middle base)? Really like them!

    1. All colours are VMC.

      Base is Horizon Blue - I cannot be sure ifthat is the precise name as the label fell off the bottle a long time ago but is the French WW1 uniform colour.

      Next is base plus dark blue grey and highlight is pale blue grey added to this.

      The transition between the unmixed colours is a little stark so the mixing is important. I think.

      Hope this helps.