Saturday, 29 June 2013


Every now and then you have a little piece of luck. My moment came recently when Iain at Flags of War sent me an e mail saying that I had won the above vignette in his May draw. To be honest I had not really been aware that I was entered in a competition but apparently my order for those Marlburian flags had made me eligible and so I was on the path to good fortune.

Painted by David Imrie, it consists of 14 Claymore Castings figures representing the death of Douglas. It shames me to say that I have no idea who Douglas was and why he met his fate at the hands of 9 poleaxe wielding men at arms. Nevertheless there he is right at the centre of the model breathing his last - he is actually quite hard to see but right in the centre of the lower picture you can see two silver legs, that's him. I think.

Apart from being a very nice piece it is a chance to study in some detail the work of a top notch painter. Colour combinations, style, points of detail - they are all in there. The finish is fantastic with none of the minor flaws I see in my own work. I should also say that the Flags of War standard and banner look superb. If you would like to see any more photos of any part of this then let me know.

So, many thanks to Iain and David for giving me the chance to win such a great diorama. And the opportunity to get so many good ideas from a piece that measures little more than 80mm x 120mm.


  1. Beautiful, absolutly beautiful, especially the brown colors, the basing, and the overall impression...great work!

  2. Breathtaking. I see work like this and wonder why I bother! Lovely, lovely stuff - keep it up!