Friday, 5 April 2013

Brooke's Regiment

If you do ECW then you have to do this regiment. It's almost the law. Why? Because they are the ones who wear purple. Lord Brooke's Regiment who fought at Edgehill and Newbury 1 for Parliament.

Too much purple can be a little overpowering so I kept it reasonably spare but there is no avoiding the colours/standards which tend to dominate. Anyway I was happy with them and I now have a pot of partially used purple paint which I doubt will find its way onto too many other uniforms. Next up is the London Blue trained bands dressed in an entirely unoriginal blue but there you go.



  1. Very nice work Philip! Purple is a colour that is hardly ever used, I too have some that has only been used once!

  2. It sits alongside my bottle of vallejo blue metallic which I bought because it looks good. Unfortunately there is absolutely nothing I can use it on.