Tuesday, 2 April 2013

ACW Re-enactors

We went to the Chilterns Open Air Museum on Easter Monday for an afternoon out. If you haven't been it's well worth your time to see a range of historical buildings including a very nostalgia inducing prefab. I remember rows and rows of these along Terbouba Road near the Southampton Sports Centre in the 60's. Surprisingly spacious inside and its sobering to think that similar square footage in London these days would cost you about a quarter of a million.

Anyway, also on hand were a group of ACW re-enactors. I hope they'll be pleased to hear that they got the foresightpaint junior vote over the ECW re-enactors at Basing House. They were great. On a bitterly cold day they were happy to field all sorts of questions and put on an enthusiastic demonstration. They looked the part and I hope they don't mind the photos below. I din't catch the name of the society but if any readers know any of the participants then please pass on my thanks to them.



  1. These'll be chaps from the Southern Skirmish Association: http://www.soskan.co.uk/event_%20list_soskan.html
    Chalfont St. Giles.... Buckinghamshire Rhyming Slang for Hemorrhoids:-)

  2. Thanks Mark, that will be them. Well done,Soskan,great stuff.

  3. This New Yorker can't stand the sight of our boys in blue marching next to those dastardly Rebs(actually I shouldn't say that, my wife's a Texan!). Just kidding...thanks for sharing.