Saturday, 13 August 2016


It has been a while since a French Battalion marched into view so here are the latest bunch of scruffs. I had a set of Fanion bearers sitting around waiting for the usual Eagle Bearers to hog the limelight so I thought I'd give one of them a chance. Apparently red was the preferred colour of the 3rd Battalion but I have to admit it looks a little strange to me. I've left it unglued so the option of an Eagle remains

They are available if anyone is interested - 24 figures all Perry, 16 plastic, 8 metal £112 plus postage at £10. There is a proper blue and white Battalion coming along in about 2-3 weeks with not a greatcoat in sight. Let me know if you want early photos.


  1. Wonderful job, the diversity of the poses and the paint brush are terrific!! Love the base as well...

    1. Thx Phil. I use the greatcoats as a bit of a test ground for new triads. That's working on the basis that whilst there might have been an intent towards a standard colour, Napoleonic logistic systems may have found it difficult to deliver.