Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Annual outing to the Reading show on Saturday. I looked in vain for Bicorne, Renegade, AB, Elite etc etc. I appreciate the economics of it all but it simply reaffirmed my view that online shopping is the way ahead. Or is it? I would not have found these figures if I had not gone.

Early War Miniatures have a comprehensive range of WW1 figures in 20mm. Here are my test figures. Not having done this scale in ages I really enjoyed doing them especially after spending a lot of time recently on 18th Century redcoats. I was told they are old sculpts but to me they are to WW1 what Britannia Miniatures are to WW2 (I hope that makes sense!). Packed in section bags you get between 8-10 figures for around £7-8. Great value. I think EWM do other periods but I didn't stop to look so check out their website. No vested interest here I should add.

I also found some Artisan figures re-branded as rules of engagement. I fancied a bit of pea dot so got a pack and here's the first. He'll be on eBay soon so pm me if you are interested.

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