Monday, 19 October 2015


The first of hopefully a range of units from the armies at Culloden at a rough scale of 1 to 20. This is supposed to be Munro's (or Dejeans) 37th foot although it could probably stand in for any yellow facing regiment of the time. Figures are from the Crann Tara Miniatures range.


  1. Thanks Neil. Trouble is, they take so long to do. I was going to do 40 man units but frankly I'll be deader than a charging highlander before I get them half finished.

  2. Very nice in deed, as you know I'm doing 30 figure units so a bit of a halfway house, you get quicker the more you do :)
    Can always put some campaign dress in to cut down on turnbacks etc.

  3. You're right - a few varaints would be a good idea but I do like the turnback look. How are the casualties coming along!

    1. I've just done an update on the Crann Tara blog, there's been a bit of shuffling around. My next 16 figures go to Griffin next week the casualties will be in the next batch - December? So metal masters in time for Salute hope to have 5 or 6. The first 3 nearly done.