Monday, 6 April 2015


I've noticed recently an increasing number of niche figure suppliers. I mean that in a positive way as I wish each and everyone of them luck and hope that all go on to build Perry-esque empires as we gadfly painters and gamers skip eras on a whim.

Each week something new appears - Crann Tara and their Jacobites, Red Star and their French Indo-China, Iron Duke and their Indian Mutiny, Mutton Chop and their first world war. Not to mention the kickstarter for the First Sikh War. The roll call seems never ending with an array of figures which seem to keep Paul Hicks in a constant state of non-zero hours contracting. The standard is so high that I saw a range of Franco-Prussian troops criticised for having rifle butts that were too short. When you are afforded this level of detail then perhaps you need to give your head a wobble before getting too picky.

What prompted me to write was the recent range from Iron Duke. Check out their website. I guarantee you will want their figures.But get this, they are differentiating their figures according to which model of rifle their real life forebears carried. When we have reached this point where on earth is there to go? Personally I dont mind if some generic 18/19th century musket is used but I know there are those who do. The detail is reflected in the price but frankly the £1.75 you will pay for each figure is piffling when it comes to quality.

I've nailed my colours to the Crann Tara mast - their clansmen are perfect but progress is slow. I've vowed not to buy any more until I've finsihsed what I have got. In the meantime another niche makes things hard to keep on track

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