Tuesday, 10 February 2015


A recent commission did not go terribly well. Some fair criticism from the  client and I hope, everything sorted out amicably.

Now I know that its wrong to blame the figures but try as I might I just couldn't get them right. These were 18mm SYW Prussians and the blue was awkward, the red patchy and the white shaky. Having recently done their Austrians and French which came out perfectly (he said immodestly) I began to wonder what had changed. Nothing. I tried several sample figures and they refused to work.

I recall having a similar problem with some 28mm Prussians (Artisan I think) and prior to that some Front Rank samples. I've come to the conclusion that its an era I should keep away from. Is it me or is there something more mystic going on here?

Oh and by the way, its the first time somethings gone wrong. Don't let me scare you off! 

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