Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Some SYW Austrian Grenzers from Eureka that I have just done as a commission. Possibly the toughest figures I have ever painted. Well, that's not entirely true - the hussars I moved onto take that title but its a close run thing.

Eureka demand that you do a light priming coat followed by a highlighting wash. If you dont then you wont see the bits of detail that catch you out. They just keep on coming. As 18mm figures they keep demanding more input when you know its not going to work. The trick is striking a balance between what to leave in and leave out. Lace, for example. Its bad enough doing it on a 28mm fiure but in 18mm you have to hint at whats there rather than replicate it in its full authentic style. Hungarian knots anyone?

Some super detailing doesnt work. Hands for instance. Occasionally there is a little blob on the end of the arm which can only be a hand but you're lucky if you can get two fingers on.

All in all great figures but tough going.

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