Sunday, 2 February 2014


Eureka or AB? I have no idea what the distinction is but I recently got hold of some of their Napoleonic and SYW figures. At this point let me mention Fighting 15's, the supplier. Despite dire warnings on their website (because the figures have to come from Mars or something) they had the order to me in just a little over 24 hours. Excellent service from a company based in the Isle of Wight where I used to go on my childhood holidays. Fort Warden since you ask. It was a holiday camp then - no idea what it is today.

Anyway three things everyone knows about Eureka/AB:

1. They are neither 15mm or 20mm
2. They are incredibly detailed
3. They are incredibly expensive

The average foot figure costs about 65p although regimental packs come in cheaper. Nonetheless with a 28mm plastic figure at about 50p then its still a lot of money. But are they worth it? Judge for yourself:

He's my test figure and for a 'large 15mm' I thought he came out rather well. Give him a decent base with grass and colourful foliage and he'll look even better. A more professional photo wouldn't go amiss either. It looks as if he has been blacklined but actually I gave him a light grey undercoat covered with a brown wash which seems to work well on the  white.

But my goodness he took a long time to do. I went slowly to try to do him justice but there was little in it in terms of how much time it usually takes to do a 28mm.

Nevertheless he is a fantastic figure and I'm very tempted to go for a Battalion pack. I've just completed a French Napoleonic figure so will put up a picture shortly.

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