Wednesday, 28 August 2013

New recruit

A Swiss soldier without a hat. Standing by for a beasting from the Company Sergeant Major.

I'm just about to put in an order for some new paints and various bits and pieces. Has anyone tried the new Vallejo range of primers? Well, I assume they are new. The fact that I haven't seen them before is no guarantee of up to dateness. Normally I use Humbrol but like most modellers I'm always willing to embrace change. Or not.

I'm also looking for some new work-a-day brushes. I've been using the Army Painter ones but the most recent batch I bought were all stinkers - not one of them holds a point and I hate using W&N series 7 for other than the most serious tasks. Again, any recommendations?


  1. If its the Vallejo brush on primers they have been out for a while I use a black to hit any bits I miss when spray undercoating they are fantastic I have used them to undercoat all the figure too. Good value too I have been through 2 bottles in two and a bit years.
    Brushes I am terrible at looking after them I have been using AP ones and a few GW ones but I tend to kill them in a few weeks. I also have several W&N and at £7 a pop I too only use them for fine detail. I would stick with AP but try and find a brick and motor store so you can pick out the good ones
    Peace James

  2. Thx James. Picking out good ones is challenging. The new brushes look great when there is no paint on them. As soon as there is they turn into mini versions of wallpaper pasters.

  3. Nice work with this Swiss soldier!

  4. Philip, I get all my brushes from one of two sources> Firstly, Sabel brushes from Rosemary and Co. Can not be beaten on price or quality. Look after these and they will paint for years, even with acrylics:
    Synthetic brushes:

  5. If you are referring to the polyurethane primers they are superb and really do give great coverage they need to be left to dry for a bit longer to fully cure though

    1. Andrew

      Its this one:

      Its me being a bit idle really. I'm hoping that if I forget or am too lazy to undercoat a figure the night before then I can use this to have same day availability. Or am I fooling myself?