Saturday, 2 June 2012

More Guard Grenadiers

Its surprising how many units you can get out of the Victrix box sets. I ordered 2 boxes of Guard Grenadiers and so far have completed 3 x 24 man Battalions with another one potentially in the pipeline. I've shown a march attack variant before so thought I would put up a firing line version. I'm guessing that the Chasseurs of the Guard box set is pretty similar but with different headress - if anyone could offer any guidance then I would be greatful. Presumably with the addition of shakos the basic figures could also double up as line infantry?


  1. Awesome looking Grenadiers Philip. Great work on the basing too.

  2. Thanks Rodger. The bases are Vallejo dark earth pumice mix heavily disguised with static grass.

  3. Great painting style, those grenadiers look very nice!
    And nice blog too, I'll come back.