Thursday, 6 October 2011

Vallejo Dark Earth

I bought a pot of the relatively recent Vallejo base covering. I mentioned before that doing bases is something I always find a little trying. Putting down sucessive layers of polyfilla, sand and paint is a time consuming business and I would support any product that speeds up and simplifies this. So I hoped that Vallejo had come up with a solution.

I don't think they have. Anyone who has previosuly used their pumice ground covering will instantly recognise the product. Its simply that with added colouring. It says that it can be painted on with a brush but unless I am doing something incredibly wrong I dont think that is the case if you want an effective finish. Its hard to layer the stuff and as it dries it goes very thin. This means you need a lot of layers to build up a base layer that properly disguises the standard 28mm base. And its this thats the problem. In the end its no quicker than using the tradional sand method. To be fair it does dry quickly but leaves an ultimate finish that is too smooth. I think that it may be more suited to 15mm figures in this respect. I used a lot of flock to cover up the 'difficult' bits

I'll persevere and will try mixing it with sand to see if this helps but thats rather defeating the object of a product that is supposed to offer a one-stop, convenient basing material. At just over £8 a tub its not going to break the bank and you do get quite a decent helping of the stuff but for me it just did not deliver. Sorry Vallejo, my table is covered with all your other products but this one will probably sit gathering dust as the back unless someone comes up with a bright idea for a means of employment.

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  1. I use the regular, non-pigmented Vallejo pumice paste. It's like spreading gritty toothpaste. You're right, the grain size of the grit appears to suit 15mm base dioramas more than 28mm.