Saturday, 17 May 2014


If you get the chance the WW1 museum at Amiens is well worth a visit. On the Somme river its a little bit away from the main battlefields (although presumably the French might have a view on that) but its only a short hop.

Based in the old fortress it's not big but light and well laid out. The exhibits are arranged in an uncluttered and innovative manner and whilst the style might not suit traditionalists it does allow a better view. Dont ask me why but it works.

Friday, 16 May 2014


If you haven't already seen it go and take a look at this blog site and see what jaw dropping terrain really is:

It is simply stunning and like all good models built from corrugated cardboard. How it is all stored and looked after I'll never know.

But there's always a but. If your terrain is this good, how good must the figures be to go with it? Can you imagine a column of Airfix troops stumbling up and down those cobbled paths? It simply would not be allowed. Unless you have a collection of Perry figures painted by Messrs Dallimore and Dean then nothing else does the tabletop justice and I'm afraid the village must remain uninhabited. Sorry, but that's the law of unintended consequences.

Sunday, 4 May 2014


I'm painting some of the new Gringo40's French Napoleonic sappers at the moment. Here is number one.

There's still a way to go with basing and varnish but you get the idea. These are big figures and the helmet would ensure that the lucky wearer developed strong neck muscles. I cannot decide wheher it's in proportion to the rest of the figure but the overall effect works. These are more compatible with Elite figures sizewise than the more slender Perries in my opinion.