Sunday, 20 January 2019


'May you live in interesting times' is the traditional Chinese curse and my goodness, they just about got it right. I was astonished to turn on the website editor and see that my last entry to this particular blog was in May 2018. I have not been entirely idle in that time but painting has not been as frequent as I might have wished. To that end, here are some shots of a French mid-18th century battalion which I have just completed.

From the Crann Tara miniature's range, they are suitable for Austrian succession and seven years War and if you're not too much of a purist they could probably pass for the early 18th-century to. I used to have a thing about the size of the muskets and their attached bayonets with these figures. I'm over it now and although they do look excessively long I think the feel of the period that the figures achieve is 2nd to none. So here we are – the regiment d' anjou